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Granny flat constructions have become hugely popular in the Illawarra region. Cordeaux Constructions provide design and building services to help you get the custom granny flat or guest house you want while keeping within your budget. We can help you through every step of the construction process from the initial design all the way to the finished product. We will also help you with any zoning, council permits and legal compliance documents you need to make sure the new structure is legally compliant, before we begin the construction.

Granny flats are great for family members who can no longer live on their own, while still giving you and them their own privacy and space. The flats can be used for guests, young adult children who are not quite ready to fully leave the nest, home offices or even rental properties. They’re a functional addition to your home and they can also boost your property value significantly. Granny flats can be rented out in order to provide extra income for your household, that makes them a very smart investment.

We provide full scale granny flat construction services to help you get the granny flat or guest house you have in mind. Our architect can help you with the design of your new addition, whether you want it added onto your existing home or built as an entirely independent structure on your property. We will also help you with permits and other documentation you may need to get the job under way legally. Once you decide on the right design for your addition, we can begin construction. You will be consulted at every step to make sure you are getting exactly what you need from us. Every granny flat can be fully customised to accommodate your needs.

You’ll be working directly with our lead builder at all times who will keep you updated at every stage, deal with subcontractors and answer any questions you have about the project. You will have the same point of contact throughout the entire job so you’ll always know who to call if you have any confusion or concern at any point during the project.

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